Rab Women’s Nebula Pro Jacket

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Additional features textil: breathable, windproof, water-repellent, insulating
Activity: Mountaineering, Hiking, Alpine Skiing

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What is the Nebula Pro? You’d be forgiven for thinking the Nebula looks like a down jacket. It looks, feels and performs extremely similarly, however, the main difference is the Nebula features a fully synthetic insulation, making it a brilliant jacket for our typically wet and cold UK mountain conditions. What is it made of? Insulation: Starting with what gives the Nebula its warmth, Rab use their completely synthetic and fully recycled Cirrus HL (high loft) insulation to ensure warmth in almost all conditions. Down is still the lightest and warmest insulation available, however, it can’t deal with wet conditions, rendering it almost useless if the heavens open and you’re stuck without a shell. The Nebula Pro, on the other hand, will retain around 90% of its warmth, even when soaking wet, making it a far more versatile option for those who are after a do-it-all jacket for cold, damp conditions. This latest variant of Cirrus feels more like down than ever before; it lofts similarly and has that ‘light and fluffy’ feel. As well as this, it’s fully recycled, so not only are you getting a fantastic jacket but one with environmental credentials to match. You’ll notice that the fabric looks flatter in places — this is because Rab have used their Stratus sheet insulation in areas which are prone to moisture and abrasion (such as the shoulders). Sheet insulation maintains its warmth even better in wet conditions and is more durable when compacted, i.e. when wearing a rucksack. Fabrics: Surrounding the insulation is a fully recycled Pertex Quantum Pro ripstop outer fabric which slides under additional layers easily and feels far softer than the previous Nebula, yet somehow doesn’t compromise on durability. Not only does this feel far better, but exudes a quality feel that reassures you that you’re wearing a meticulously engineered piece of UK-designed kit. If you choose to use the Nebula as an outer layer, the Pertex Quantum Pro outer fabric is water and wind-resistant,

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