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DMM Flight Climbing Pack




DMM Flight

My family and I spend most of our free time climbing. We climb indoors up to three times a week and climb outdoors as much as we can and go on climbing holidays twice a year.

One bag facilitates all my climbing needs regardless of location or type of climbing.

I have had my DMM Flight for three years and think I have used it often enough and long enough to give you a good insight into the pack / bag.

I personally think the bag is brilliant. It is well made and houses all my gear with space for additional items depending the type of climbing and location. It is obviously designed to be used for plane travel for which it fits the brief very well. The overall design makes it versatile to the degree where I leave the bag packed with all my gear. All I do is pick it up and go climbing with minimal additions to the contents when going to climb outdoors.


After years of use my bag shows a small amount wear and tear. The bag is made of a very durable material that has proven to be water resistant / water proof when rain ends a days climbing. It doesn’t stain or spoil easily and always stays clean. It has beading at the base to reinforce areas where the zip needs protection. The padded casing maintains the shape of the bag and aids the overall strength.

This bag comes in three colours, red, green and gray, and for those people that don’t worry about colour the functional look won’t be a problem. However I do believe DMM could benefit from using colors that appeal to a greater audience.

The straps, back support and waist support are padded well and provide adequate protection and  comfort. Please note that this pack will not be as comfortable as a well fitted walking / hiking bag. I am over six feet tall and find the pack to fit my frame well. Smaller framed individuals might find the pack less comfortable than I do when carrying a fully loaded pack.

The pack has a water bottle holder, additional straps at the top to strap a rope or jacket on that tuck away when not being used. It also has a helmet flap that tucks away into a zipped compartment when not being used. I personally find the helmet flap to be better than clipping your helmet to the bag. It keeps the helmet still and attaches the helmet to a place where it doesn’t get in the way.

The carrying handles are well place and very strong and the bag has a good sized zipped compartment that can be accessed from the outside. The compartment is big enough to fit some crag roll (toilet paper), my lunch, car keys, spare chalk, finger tape a and any other small items I need to store like lemon sole and climb on balm.



The clam shell design with the zipped mesh compartment in the lid of the bag makes it easy to separate your gear and makes it easy to access what you need. In the base of the bag I store my 60m rope and my size 13 climbing shoes (Shaman Evolve).

 The bag has straps to hold the rope in place that I don’t use and a ground sheet to protect your rope. It also has a small zipped compartment to keep valuables in.  The yellow space between my climbing shoes fits my BCB cook set making it possible to increase the water I take to 2.5 liters and the ability to make hot food during a cold days climbing. If I don’t take the cook set the space is often used for additional clothing. Usually water proofs and a long sleeved thermal top.

The meshed lid compartment is the perfect size. It has a gear rack to clip all your quick draws, slings, harness, chalk bag and belay devices too. The base of the compartment houses a length of static rope I use for setting out doors top rope climbs up.


It is hard to fault the DMM flight. It is a good strong value for money product that is designed well and should suit most climbers needs. If you are looking for a bag you need to seriously consider the DMM flight.

Having said that, I have two minor flaws with the bag and they are minor.

The first is there isn’t a dedicated place to house a clip stick. This is easily overcome by letting the clip stick poke out of the top of the bag.

The second is that the Zip for the compartment that can be accessed from the outside needs to open in the opposite direction. The reason is that you will most likely use the handles on the side of the bag to place the bag in a locker or pigeon hole for bags at a climbing center. When you go to access the compartment the zip will open from bottom to top allowing loose items to fall out more easily than they would if the zip opened in the opposite direction.

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